My goal is to make life transitions as easy as possible for my clients.

I can see through the clutter and create a space that is efficient, serene & beautiful.


Life Transitions

Downsizing, estates

With compassion, I help my clients make thought-out decisions regarding their acquired possessions.  I understand that sorting through one’s belongings is a deeply personal experience, since the process of letting go can be both physically and emotionally straining.


Positive Change

Life's new pace, new space

The relief and calm that overcomes my clients once their life has order and their space is organized, purposeful and tranquil, is priceless.



hands on, or hands off

I am the support and positive reinforcement that my clients need when they are facing life transitions. I manage the project, from the removal of unwanted items, to the completed organized space. 



it's personal

My clients confidentiality is of the utmost importance. My name is my reputation. Referrals and repeat clients are the benchmarks of my business.

In the heart of Toronto


From either my home or office, I can easily work anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area