Hi! My name is Lucy Blosser and as a mother of two, I know how busy life gets. At times, things tend to become a little disorganized, causing frustration and stress. That is why I started a life organization business. I organize things you don't want to, or simple don't have the time, or emotional energy to invest. I can declutter, design, decorate and organize any aspect of your home or life. I have been helping friends and family for years. 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree and several certificates in political science and education. However, with the encouragement of my spouse, family and friends, who for years have been telling me, "you should be doing this for a living", I finally decided to listen.  I help people find balance and order in their lives. 

My theory is: The quality of life improves, when there is order in one's life.

My philosophy is: Order gives you peace of mind and clarity to focus on what is really important.

When I'm not working, I look forward to going on new adventures with  my loved ones. My travels have inspired my passion for style and design. For every corner of our world has beauty, and everyone's house has aspects that make it home. So when I see something beautiful I'm determined to capture the beauty I see, not only in my mind's eye, but through the lens of my camera.